Co-Founder & Program Director

Uti Middleton is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach dedicated to positively impacting lives through health and fitness. With more than 10 years training experience, she has helped countless people transform their unhealthy habits, to live leaner, more active and happy lives.

After leaving corporate America to focus on raising kids, Middleton started her training journey as a Group Fitness Instructor for Lifetime Fitness. She learned to teach several different formats and quickly rose to become an award winning instructor.  She has also taught for Equinox, was a Master Trainer for Camp Gladiator and has coached several high-end clients to better health.

Uti has also worked with, consulted, or trained for several corporate clients such as Nike, Lululemon, Powerhandz, American Heart Association, Delta Companies, Nieman Marcus and Match.com. Additionally, Uti has been a presenter at many corporate meetings and conferences as a fitness and wellness expert, including the Black Enterprise Women in Power Conference, The Links Annual Assembly, and the Blogalicious Annual Conference.

But it wasn’t until after her husband Bill was diagnosed with Stage4 Bladder Cancer in 2016, that she realized working out and eating healthy is only part of the total health equation. She believes that along with exercise and a healthy diet, Bill’s ability to keep a positive mindset and eliminate stress is what helped him overcome his dire diagnoses and allows him to continue to thrive today.

Thus, New Afya was formed to go beyond just fitness and nutrition to address people’s overall health from the inside out.

Anthony Anderson
Co-Founder & Movement Coach

Anthony is a lifelong athlete and competitor with a background in track, basketball, football, boxing, tennis and cross-training.   His health and wellness journey started after he finished his degree at the University of Oklahoma and arrived in the corporate world.  It was in this traditional American office setting where Anthony witnessed several of his colleagues who were dealing with chronic pain, excessive stress and lack of energy; and it wasn’t long before he succumbed to the same set of ailments.

Within a couple of years Anthony found himself 20 pounds overweight with depression rapidly setting in and he decided he needed to change.  As he began turning his health around through exercise and learning to eat better, he realized he was helping people to adopt healthier habits in their lives as well, and thus his coaching career began.

Anthony officially started his training career with A Tribe Called Sprinters, where he packs out his classes with his wealth of knowledge, exercise creativity, and non-stop humor. He is a fierce competitor that loves to create unique training experiences that push participants beyond their perceived limitations.